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The Ultimate Real Estate Tool for Builders

Our Builder’s Portal has been designed with one objective and one objective only: to make it easier for construction companies to find buyers for their products. The ultimate real estate tool for Realtors® and builders, our platform puts your home inventory in front of a large group of certified real estate agents in the marketplace. Our innovative solution makes it easier for builders to make and manage transactions. When you register with Builders Update, you get access to a dashboard that provides you with a comprehensive overview of agent activity metrics and updated information on buyer activity for all your inventory. It also allows you to upload and distribute incentives to your prospective buyers, among other things.

Our real estate tool also allows builders to track buyer and agent traffic by subdivision or community. It can also identify sales hot spots in real time and generate leads reports. Here at Builders Update, our ultimate goal is to connect builders and agents, and make the new home buying easier. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services

A Powerful Sales and Marketing Tool For Real Estate Agents

Needless to say, it’s important for real estate agents to look knowledgeable in front of their clients, since most prospective homebuyers have done their research online long before they approach an agent. Therefore, agents need to have something of value to present to them.

This is where Builder’s Update comes in. The sales and marketing tools and home construction information it offers to real estate agents really help them understand current market trends, recent buyer activity, and analyze their offerings in real-time. Since we were built by agents for agents, we consider our information to be privileged and only for agent eyes to make them crucial in the selling process.

The modern homebuyer expects their agents to have an in-depth knowledge of the properties they’re selling. And being the best real estate tool for agents, Builders Update provides them with the information they need to share with their clients.
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